Chautauqua Engagement Photos


Janette + Aaron | Chautauqua Engagement Photos

I feel really good about today. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and I have an amazing wedding to photograph this weekend.  I am literally a different person in the spring and summertime and to see everything green and in bloom just rocks my entire world. May is quite possibly my favorite month and I am just stoked to be able to get out there and photograph happy times and smiling faces.

I am still in the process of going back over the past year (or two!) and finding sessions to add to my blog! I am actually simultaneously reworking my entire website and I will have some awesome changes up ahead as well as many more photos to share which is the best part since I am certainly no writer.  I have had some important business realizations in the off season and I am going to be working very hard to make my company truly mine and run it in a way that best reflects what I represent and the direction I want to see the wedding industry take. Being a first time, first year business owner I definitely did things that I thought were business necessities without asking if they were truly right for my business. I love being at a place where I have a nice foundation for my business but I can start to grow and build on it in my own way instead of doing what I think am supposed to.

Anyway, here is some lush green summer in the form of Janette and Aaron’s Chautauqua engagement photos. ‘Twas a beautiful July day with dappled sun that we took these pictures and the scene had my favorite color story starting with the green grass to the purple flatirons to the deep blue sky.

If you are looking to book a colorful, candid engagement session or wedding package, I would love to hear from you!