Flagstaff Mountain Engagement Photos


Kristy + Andrew | Flagstaff Engagement Photos 

First of all, how cute are Kristy and Andrew? I am so happy to work with these two high school sweethearts, and guess what? They are getting married tomorrow!!! I found it perfectly fitting to write this blog post of their Flagstaff Mountain engagement photos on the eve of their wedding day.  I’m feeling that.  They have such a timeless chemistry and I love their playful nature towards one another.

I was at their venue earlier this week and everything was blooming! The trees the lilacs, the flowers galore and our timeline lines up beautifully with our golden hour so needless to say I am stoked.  What it is this magical wonderland might you ask? None other than my fav, the Lionsgate Event Center!

A discussion that often comes up when I am speaking with a couple for the first time is “Have you shot at my venue?” and I completely understand wanting to hire a photographer that has experience at your specific venue. Heck, I have photographed at Lionsgate enough times to know every nook and cranny and cultivate my favorite go tos. I know exactly where and how the light will be on any given day and I have tried numerous ways to light each reception space in the coolest ways and discover my favorite. And for this reason, someone who knows your venue is going to be a great asset.  I do feel the need to mention the other side of this however. For a photographer to see a space with fresh eyes is also a powerful thing.  When I enter a space for the first time my creative wheels are spinning and, in my experience, an excited photographer can make some bad ass images. Either way I think this is an important discussion to have with your photographer and figure out what the best option is for you.

Anyways off to bed for this kiddo so I can wake up and be ready to celebrate these two wonderful souls below :) 


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