Chateaux at Fox Meadows Wedding


Ashley + Luke | Chateaux at Fox Meadows Wedding

You know when you have an instant connection with a person and how special that is? I find it particularly cool when it happens to me in the realm of photography because not only are you connecting human to human with someone but they also form a connection with my work. My work is something that is so near and dear to me and I really truly pour my heart and soul into the photos I take. It sounds like a big messy ball of cheese but that’s how it is yo.  I was so happy to have the opportunity to work with Ashley and Luke for their Chateaux at Fox Meadows wedding. They are seriously the sweetest, most genuine couple and I loved every part of the entire day. There was so much joy and happiness because everything they planned for their wedding was right for them and everyone in attendance felt that.  

I talk about this in different contexts a lot in my blog posts but planning a wedding is a huge and overwhelming task for anyone because the options of what you can do are endless people are constantly pulled in many directions by their family, friends, trends and more. I have noticed that when couples identify their priorities and go with what feels good and right for their wedding that I get the most joyful and true candid moments and the emotion of the day bleeds into even the more formal portraits.  If my couple can match my level of wanting to be there and be present for moments – we are gonna have a great time and it can only build from there. I don’t specialize in any particular type of wedding because I would rather see this phenome (yeah, it’s that awesome) across the board.  Plus, I’ve always been pretty eclectic and don’t like to limit myself. I love full day, large weddings like this one just as much as two people deciding to elope on the top of a mountain. So much goodness in my job <3