Della Terra Wedding


Janette & Aaron | Della Terra Wedding

You know when you can actually feel the energy in the air? That was Aaron and Janette’s Della Terra wedding. The excitement and sense of celebration was entirely palpable and it is truly something I will not forget.  When I asked them, what was the most memorable thing about their wedding day they answered: “It was definitely being surrounded by all of our friends and family. It was just so fantastic to share our special day with everyone, and we were elated by all the people that attended.” I could see the joy and excitement radiating from them to their family and friends and from their guests back to them. To me, this was a clear testament to who Aaron and Janette are as people.

I feel very lucky to have been a part of this spectacular day and I seriously have so many highlights ranging from the heart of the ceremony to some of the small details. I can confidently say that the hearts of all melted when Aaron and Janette saw each other for the first time and continued to do so through their vows. Janette got these amazinggg handkerchiefs with the best embroidered text that quite frankly were the most hilarious and wonderful wedding details I have seen to date. I also love the serendipitous story of Aaron unknowingly selecting an engagement ring for Janette that bears a strong resemblance to Janette’s grandmothers ring. Things like this make my heart sing. Other heart singing events of the day included fun times with the wedding party, the gorgeous burst of golden light we received and the entirety of the reception! I seriously loved every minute of it because it was a true celebration of the couple and everyone was on board.

The advice Aaron and Janette gave for future couples is a recipe for success in my book. They said: “Plan early, plan often, and plan up until the day before, but once it is the day of, just let things be and enjoy the day.” I have so much appreciation for this advice because time after time I have known it true.  I think this definitely shows in the photos so I am very, very happy to share my favorites from the day below.


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