Lionsgate Event Center Engagement Photos


Clare & Matt | Lionsgate Event Center Engagement Photos

I’ve been a wedding and portrait photographer much longer than I have been posting weekly blogs so I have decided to backtrack a little bit and retropost all of my favorite photos and sessions from my career, so look out! I think my experience has been very unique in the sense that I didn’t start my company until I had already photographed over 70 weddings and many, many sessions. I am very thankful for the path I have chosen into the industry because it strengthened my resolve to be a photographer and prepared me for tough experiences in a safer environment then being out entirely on my own and I have so much gratitude for my little corner of friends in the industry who have helped me along the way.  I didn’t intend for this to post to become a little mushy, but let it flow!

Anyways these photos have me summer sun dreaming! It is almost May and June again thankfully! Clare and Matt are such a wonderful, beautiful couple both and in out and by a weird twist a fate in which I won’t get into on this day, I had the pleasure of working with them twice.  This session helped me own shooting in the midday sun and being thrilled with the results.  It definitely didn’t hurt that these were Lionsgate Event Center engagement photos! I am always singing the praises of this gorgeous venue because I swear it’s what I feel in my heart!

I will be back at the Lionsgate Event Center next month (yay!!) however tomorrow I start my 2018 wedding season at the fantastic Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs and I am looking forward to starting the season off with a with a bang! I have two wonderful weddings coming up this weekend and I cannot wait!


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