Wild Horse Inn Wedding


Lauren + Adam | Wild Horse Inn Wedding

Yo. Guess who’s hitting the blog two weeks in a row during wedding season? Me! Sharing images from Lauren and Adam’s beautiful, intimate wedding last August at the stunning Wild Horse Inn in Fraser, Colorado. I really loved this day starting from my drive up to the last snaps of the their cake cutting. It’s abundantly obvious how gorgeous Lauren and Adam are on the outside but I have to say that their internal beauty is sky high. I bonded with Lauren immediately over our love of animals! These two have a farm with lots of animals back home but only little Otis made the trip to watch his parents get married. Lucky boy (and lucky us for having such a darling pup around)! Lauren also told me she liked the fact that my portfolio was diverse and I openly showed support for the LGBT community which in a weird way helped me to understand the type of client I wanted to work with and strengthened my resolve to be extremely forward about my philosophies. I grappled for a long time defining my ‘couple’ and seeking out my niche in this industry because I am a huge fan of large celebrations, intimate gatherings, fancy hotel receptions, casual backyard parties, and more all the same if they are with the right people. And for lack of better phrasing, I do have a type; those who are on the same page with me fundamentally. It’s as simple as that. Furthermore I feel the need to mention that there is no one right way to have a wedding because weddings of all types are awesome, but one must make sure to choose the type of wedding that is right for them and I was jazzed that these two did just that. They said their ‘I do’s’ amongst only their families and a couple close friends, and it was perfect.

That last word is a nice little segue into my reflexive ending. I’ve avoided blogging this past year because I have been struggling with perfectionism, and it has stifled me from sharing my work. It’s really trippy because it is work that I am proud of, but something in me was saying ‘it isn’t perfect enough to share’ or ‘it has to 100000000% represent my brand’ or other dumb little self digs. I’ve been working really hard to view things through a larger scope and deny those little voices and I’m very happy to be progressing on this. Next stop: shortening my editing time. Coming 2021, fingers crossed.

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