Boulder Chautauqua Engagement Photos


Mary + Ryan | Boulder Chautauqua Engagement Photos

Hello from the editing cave, and the small business den and the social hermit club! It’s been awhile since I’ve shown my face on here but with good reason! First of all I have been out and about at weddings and sessions, and subsequently editing those images. Up until recently, I had no idea how much I put myself through the past few years. Albeit, a highly functional and well-intentioned robot, I was still a robot. It’s hard to admit this. To myself, to my friends and family and for especially to my clients, potential clients and future clients. I am not perfect but I am still very proud of the work I have done. I’ve been operating in a way that is soo much more inefficient than someone with an engineering background would stand for and I am finally to a place where I can provide myself with healthy criticism. It is slow but I am growing and I am trying to better myself - for myself. So secondly, I have been taking much needed time away from social media, prioritizing my mental health, and trying to get back to the things that feel like me. I still have a ways to go, but it has taken a lot for me to get to this point and I am grateful to be in this process, and on this journey. I am best when I am improving.

Anyways! Onto these gorgeous souls who had their engagement session at Boulder Chautauqua, one of my favorite spots on the planet. I shoot here often but I look for nuances with the sky, the light, the season and most importantly of all my couple. Capturing them, as they are, in that moment. I think it is so simple, but it is easy to forget, and to overshadow a true moment with the grandeur of ‘wedding’ or ‘engagement’. This one of my highest and most ultimate goals and rewards for this job and I today I feel both focused and strong in my ability to do this, when I have lived in doubt for so long. Mary and Ryan are truly special. Their love is authentic, their hearts are kind and their smiles contagious. They are the epitome of the type of people I love to work with - doing what feels best for them and defying the ‘rules’ of engagements and weddings and honestly just being the most beautiful, wonderful people inside and out.


If you are looking to book a colorful, candid engagement session or wedding package, I would love to hear from you!