Lionsgate Event Center Wedding


Megan & Matt | Lionsgate Event Center Wedding

It makes me so happy to go back through these lush, green summer weddings during the winter time.  I physically crave June at this time of the year, so reliving the warmer months through weddings really helps boost my spirits! My post today is of another fabulous Lionsgate Event Center wedding, which I am very vocal about loving to pieces! I have written about the awesome eclectic nature and energy of Lionsgate but it is literally the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants of venues – it fits so many different styles of weddings and couples to a t! Megan and Matt’s Lionsgate Event Center wedding had a slight pinup theme and the Dove House was a stunning location for them to be married.

Personally, I am a huge fan of themed weddings when they are expressive of the couple getting married. Megan and Matt fit well with their classic red, white and black colors and the décor including classic car photos for centerpieces. These small details really help tie the day together.

Megan and Matt are two of the kindest, most down to Earth people I have ever met and they make a spectacular couple. It's as if they each possess one half to a magical equation, Matt knows just what to say to make Megan laugh and vice versa.  The two have been together for many years and it was a true honor to be able to capture the moments of the day they declared their love in front of their family and friends.  They both have contagious laughter, that radiated through and through to each and every person in attendance of this Lionsgate Event Center wedding and I hope it will continue to do the same through the photos until the end of time, as cheesy as that sounds.

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