Boulder Family Photos


Andrea, Tyler & Harlow | Boulder Family Photos

I have more Boulder family photos to share this week! I have recently started exploring other photographic areas, from documentary business sessions to maternity and I am really enjoying the experience of growth outside my comfort zone! I think it is definitely scary to take on new challenges, even in realms we are comfortable with. I am the type of person that feels unfulfilled if I am no longer growing and learning, so I have been trying to make a conscious effort to make improvement part of my business and lifestyle.

The nature of my job allows and even requires overlap of my personal life.  Plus, since I am a new business owner, it is my baby and I am helicopter parent of epic proportions! I will admit that I have struggled to strike a perfect work/life balance over the past couple years. I am prioritizing it now because I realize that I do my best work when I am myself and I have space in my brain for creativity. Being creative and innovative in the photos I take is my biggest goal this year and I think that doing shoots of all varieties will be helpful to me in seeing photos in different ways and pushing the envelope.

Back to these Boulder family photos! This sweet family has just welcomed a new addition and I couldn’t be happier for them! We met up at a local park and took photos of sweet moments and twinkly lights, which I can never get enough of!  Just the other day I noticed that that downtown winter lights are still up and that makes me so extremely happy! If anyone wants Boulder family photos or other photos in the lights, you should let me know because I am obsessed with pretty lights and all the bokeh!


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