Denver Wedding


Bre + Mitch | Denver Wedding

I am so excited to be able to share photos from Bre and Mitch’s Denver wedding!  Bre and Mitch were the first couple I really clicked with after deciding I would go out on my own as a wedding photographer and having their wedding day be the first I write about seems exceedingly fitting!

Bre and Mitch make me believe in true love. The way they look at one another and treat each other is full of kindness and respect. There is a special way they multiply joy in the presence of one another, their dynamic is one that is truly unique and like no other I have ever seen before!

Their Denver wedding took place on a lush July day and thinking about it overflows my mind with moments big and small that I will never forget! The fine attention to detail Bre took the ambience of the wedding to a new level – she designed and put together lavender and lace centerpieces, tablescapes and various goodies.  Another detail that I completely adore is the incorporation of family heirlooms. Bre wore her grandmothers watch and her family bible was used.  All of the guys wore awesome, crazy socks which paired immensely well with their positive energy and contagious smiles!

Bre and Mitch did not see each other before the ceremony but along with their fathers and their officiant they were able to all pray together, and Bre notes this as being the most memorable moment of the day. When Bre and Mitch saw each other for the first time during the ceremony my heart completely melted (alongside of everyone else in attendance!) and Mitch recalls this to be his most memorable moment!

As for me, I will never be able to forget their recessional! It was quite possibly the best ‘we are married now!” celebration back down the aisle I have ever seen, and the joy multiplier was on overdrive!

When I asked Bre and Mitch if they had any advice for future couples they said:

“Try to take each moment in because the day will be here and gone before you know it.”

I could not agree more with these words of wisdom and I will be committed to ensuring that the couples I work with have a couple moments with one another to take in all the goodness of their wedding day.

All and all this Denver wedding was nothing short of a true honor and pleasure to capture and I hope you enjoy reliving it with me through these photographs.


I enjoyed working alongside these wonderful vendors!

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