Lair O' the Bear Engagement Photos


Tasha + Ben | Lair O' the Bear Engagement Photos

It was a beautiful day when I met up with Tasha and Ben for their Lair O' the Bear engagement photos in Morrison, Colorado this past August. When I look back on this session it is a great reminder to me of the power that a photograph can have. It is important to have photos of our loved ones with our loved ones. I am extremely guilty of not fulfilling the latter and I too often use the ‘only good on one side of the camera’ joke and excuse.  

Taking you back to around this time in 2012 (and on a slight tangent). I was halfway through college, in a very rapidly dynamic mindset. But I did a thing. A small thing, but one that unknowingly would change the direction of my life.  I am not really the type to make New Year’s resolutions but this year I decided I would and that for the coming year and hopefully longer I would buy a nice camera and take more photos of my life and the people in it. The rest is history!

Back to the session, we planned to take their Lair O' the Bear engagement photos in part so that Tasha and Ben could document their sweet Husky, Jacy’s 14th birthday and have some family photos all together because they received bad news from the vet not long before.  Lair O' the Bear engagement photos always have great foliage and/or mountainy views but it was also the perfect place for the pups to adventure around and enjoy time with their mom and dad.  A great day that I will not forget!

With New Years right around the corner I would like to resolve to be in more photos and be in photos with my loved ones. Do you have any resolutions?


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