River Garden Winery Wedding


Samantha + Brian | River Garden Winery Wedding

The level of fall dreaminess at Sam and Brian’s River Garden Winery wedding this past October is simply off the charts. Golden leaves, golden light, light blue cloud dappled skies, perfect temperature and the list goes on and on.  I like the fall but it is not my favorite season however this gorgeous day made me fully understand the craze of autumn. I couldn’t sleep last night and I decided to go back through these images and put them together for the blog. Laying in my bed in the dark though I could actually feel the day through the photos and as much as I love the spring and summer I think I am going to take full advantage of the fall this year too.

Sam and Brian are the sweetest couple and I loved getting to know them. River Garden Winery was a destination wedding for them as they hail from Iowa. The two of them embody everything I love about the Midwest. Their friends and family that traveled in were delightful and a good time was had by all! I really loved the thoughtfulness that Sam put into the colors and décor – it came together so beautifully and I am thoroughly impressed that she did it all from out of state.  

Sometimes in the thick of the wedding season it is hard to love and appreciate the work we are doing to the fullest extent. I love being at weddings and working with amazing people but when I am doing my job I am in the zone and I often find the true love and appreciation grows to it’s capacity after some time has passed and to me it is never too late. I’m not sure if I was able to express myself on this half-baked thought at this time but I will continue to think it over and find the words to explain exactly what I mean.  


I adored working alongside these wonderful vendors as part of our River Garden Winery team! 

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