Marshall Reservoir Boulder Colorado Engagement Photos


Tiara, Matt & Callie | Marshall Reservoir Boulder Colorado Engagement Photos 

Are Tiara, Matt and Callie the cutest of all time? I definitely think so and I am so happy to be able to share more of their Marshall Reservoir Boulder Colorado engagement photos. Marshall Reservoir is absolutely stunning and we sure lucked out with the beautiful fall color and gorgeous pink sunset that we received this day!

I’ve written in recently blog posts how I am hoping to start taking more family portraits, and that is definitely still the case! But honestly? I haven’t really taken any steps to do this. I am hoping to, but I have realized two pretty major things that I need to accomplish before I go seeking family sessions.

My perception has recently been shifting on my job. When I first started I adamantly categorized types of sessions and types of photography.  Wedding photographers shot weddings, family photographers shot families and so on and so forth. I also associated a specific set of actions with each type of session but I am starting to view things more fluidly. This isn’t to say I don’t value the experience and expertise of someone doing a specific job. I very much do and I personally would not hire someone who had never photographed a wedding to be my wedding photographer. I just used to separate each thing so far and saw each type of session through different eyes.

 I think we often see an engagement session as being too tangible – a set hour to have X number of backdrops, X number of poses and the list goes on.  As someone who works with people and strives to be photojournalistic I am feeling the reality of the common threads, and instead seeing each session as a marked box and I am seeing the moments and interactions more so as they truly are and they really happen. This is helping me become the photographer I am today and want to be in the future. Working with people like Tiara, Matt and Callie helps me to see this clearly.

My second realization? After attending WPPI two weeks ago, I KNOW I can create a better infrastructure for my business that will help me cruise through the business side of things and spend more time on my clients and taking and editing photos. So that's where I'll be if anyone needs me. 

If you are looking to book a colorful, candid engagement session or wedding package, I would love to hear from you!