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Shoot & Share Contest Results | Denver Wedding Photographer

This mid week blog is a little switch up from my usual! I missed blog Thursday last week because I was photographing a wonderful, wonderful engagement session with an amazing couple down in Colorado Springs which will be hitting the blog in weeks to come. Yay! Anyways, this year I decided to enter some photos from the year in the Shoot & Share Contest. It is an international twelve round photo contest in which voting is open to the public and that's how the winners are determined. Basically there are  certain number of categories and each voter is given a block of four photos and to choose their favorite. The photos with the most votes after each round move on. Anyways I thought it would be sweet to share my results up on my blog! If you want to see all the photos I entered and their places in addition to my favorited images from the contest (which is the real reason to follow this link because there are some EXCELLENT photos) click here!

Denver Wedding Photographer 14.JPG

Here are my five images that placed in the top 30% in their categories: The Wedding Party, Family Portraits, Creative/Personal Projects, Emotion and Excitement, and The Bride, respectively.

My four images that placed in the top 20% in their respective categories: The Wedding Couple, The Wedding Couple, Share Joy and you guessed it - The Wedding Couple! 

These are the three images that placed in the top 10% of their respective categories, the first two in The Wedding Couple and the last in Engagements & Couples!  

And last but certainly not least, this gem was a finalist and placed 181st out of 5,689 photos in the Guests & Receptions category! Funny thing it placed the highest of all my entries but I didn't see it once in the duration of voting! 

Denver Wedding Photographer 01.JPG

I like the premise of this contest, because it is just for fun which is 100% my speed since photography is so subjective and it's really cool to vote and see thousands of photos from around the world. 


If you are looking to book a colorful, candid engagement session or wedding package, I would love to hear from you!